Sewn by Collette

Welcome to my new site, very much a work in progress so I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I intend too. My name is Collette Kinley better known as Sewn by Collette and I love creating with my hands. My sewing journey started relatively recently and it is such a privilege to do what I love. I have had my work in a number of galleries and also had a successful exhibition last year. Thank you for joining me.


Drawing with my sewing machine, beetles, fish, hares and birds.


A selection of work I have designed and created.

Past Works

248554_835690059884361_7814524496979823318_n13263865_926146274172072_1956894133978552589_n-214138180_993100914143274_5694252532282439094_oIMG_20141208_220339FB_IMG_1448716094113FB_IMG_144871600079613653209_956807361105963_1522725703897770980_oThis is a small selection of some bespoke commissions I have made. I have done a number of house portraits in fact where I live there are 10 households on our High Street  that have one of my custom house portraits including the local pub.

Commission Gallery